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Jeanette C. Atkinson & Simon Paul Atkinson

Oxford, UK
An Alternative Education for the Heritage Decision Makers of the Future
Wednesday, 13th September | 10:45 – 11:45

Our paper is a fusion of educational empirical research on effective learning design for professionals and theoretical research on cultural values and learning. It explores the need for a renewal in postgraduate education for future heritage professionals, focussed less on the preservation of the past, but rather on future societal impact through a popular engagement with heritage.

Drawing on research into the educational needs and expectations of heritage professionals and the need given to the primacy of cultural values in any such education, combined with research on higher education learning design process, a programme of study is proposed.

The design process for a Masters level programme, currently under development, will be illustrated. It is suggested that by following a sound educational learning design model, resulting in a constructively aligned curriculum, future graduates will develop not just subject knowledge but a range of contemporary and relevant intercultural skills. These abilities will be required in an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape to advise and guide international policy processes well beyond the heritage sector. By educating future generations of decision makers in the future impact of reflective humanities we are confident that the future remains brighter.