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Oliver Kraut & Heidi R. Krauss

Switzerland / Madrid, Spain
The Uninterrupted Dialogue between Humanities and Sciences, Theorizing Difference and Defining New Players in this Controvery
Wednesday, 13th September | 10:45 – 11:45

When History and Physics meet for a dialogue both tend to be convinced of their way to approach the questions that arise in this world. As a historian the contact and continuos disputes with the „other side“ helped me to refine my methodological skills taking my medieval sources to the laboratory. But, can the other side also profit from Humanities? Is the way in which we transfer knowledge from remote times to now still suitable for our society and the problems we face? What kind of Humanities does our world need? What kind of experts? All these questions are the result of years full of academic discussions between two members of different scientific universes. Nowadays, we both have to amplify our discussion by the predominant economical view of our society. Can we still practice our subjects in a traditional way if the things we do don’t bring the benefits the companies expect? The economical growth is one of the most important topics in the News. Do we really need history in our times? Do we really need someone explaining us the universe if everything expected from us is collaborating to the economical growth? Time to get out of our Ivory Tower and restart the dialogue including the new players and taking into consideration the new societal frameworks.